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On the African continent, politicians constantly search for ways to stimulate development but too often overlook the need for maps. Common perception is that development will create resources needed for compiling good maps. The opposite is in fact true: good, easily accessible maps are the foundations of development.

Our motto is "GIS data accessible to all". Accessible in the sense that data must be both reasonable in cost and suitable for use in software we can afford.  Sustainable Development cannot be based on cracks and illegal software! MadMappers intends to facilitate the free flow of African GIS data and know-how so that development can finally take place.

South African maps available! Mapping and GIS part of modern life
OziExplorer available with SA maps! Maps from Cape to Cairo
Zulu 7 mosaic available on DVD set MM Void-filled SRTM-3 DEM data on DVD
Format Conversion Service Aerial Photography of Southern Africa
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South African maps available!
In 2004 South Africa has become the first African country to liberalize the flow of GIS data. MadMappers has acquired rights to make data by CDSM - The Chief Directorate: Surveys and Mapping - available over the web and is negotiating similar rights with other African Governments. More data, particularly Satellite Imagery, is being converted to formats suitable for lower-end GIS software. Finally, Madmappers is processing data to a higher level generating datasets which will be for the first time available for the African continent.

Mapping and GIS part of life
Mapping and GIS are an increasingly important part of modern life: Global Positioning Systems (GPSs), Satellite Imagery and computers are now making possible for Africa to bridge the gap with the first world. That is: provided that we are able to access data and manipulate it with such tools. Madmappers is able to give to advise on how to process data and even process for you the data you require

OziExplorer finally available with maps!
Madmappers have secured distribution rights for the most popular moving map software in the world (that is our opinion). Hundreds of thousands of users can confirm it. Till today African maps were not easy to get and when they were the cost was exorbitant. The only solution was for the user to scan his own maps or to use an inferior product with maps. Madmappers have compiled a CD containing a fool-proof installation of Oziexplorer, Ozi 3-D demo, Southern African name database and Gtopop30 elevation data and the full set of 70 maps South Africa scale 1:250 000 from The Chief Directorate: Surveys and Mapping. Plus much more. All at the incredible price of Rand 645 (US$ 85) plus postage. Price is inclusive of the Oziexplorer licence key. If you already own Ozi do not despair: when you purchase a licence for Ozi 3-D at Rand 220 (US$ 30) you will qualify for the same CD (postage not included)! What about OziCE, for the lucky ones who travel light with Pocket PC's or Handheld PC PDA's: Rand 220 (US$ 30).

Maps from Cape to Cairo
Whether you require data for recreational, academic or commercial use, MadMappers is here to make it happen: in our archive we have the most comprehensive collection of maps of the African continent. Planning an overland trip? We can provide you with the best in technology so that you can find your way: from GPS maps to moving maps software and maps. And if you do not have a GPS yet we can advise you which model is best suited for your needs.

Zulu 7 mosaic available on DVD set
Full coverage of Africa is now available in a set of 8 DVDs. The Orthorectified Landsat Thematic Mapper Mosaics, or Zulu 7 mosaics as we prefer to call them, consist of high resolution Landsat 7 images processed in the infrared spectrum and enhanced for maximum contrast. Since of the infrared processing the colours are not real (False Colours): for instance vegetation is represented by shades of purple (not pleasing to the eye but indicating different vegetation types e.g. sugarcane fields are light pink), cold water is black while while warm water is light blue. Resolution is 15m/pixel. Individual DVDs are available at R150 (USD$25) each plus postage.

MM Void-filled SRTM-3 DEM data on DVD
For those passionate about 3-d and Digital Terrain Modelling, MadMappers have void-filled data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) and produced a 2 DVDs collection of 90m DEMs which are fully compatible for use in OziExplorer and other GIS software. Cost is Rand 100 per DVD (US$ 17) plus postage. Read more on the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission on the SRTM page.

Format Conversion Service
Whenever you are are at odds with data in unknown formats or with projections incompatible with your software you no longer need to despair. MadMappers has tons of converters and may be able to assist you. We also scan, reproject and mosaic ... anything: from Raster Maps to Digital Elevation Models to Aerial Photography.

Aerial Photography of Southern Africa
MadMappers hard drives are filled by high resolution orthorectified images. They run in the order of hundreds of Gigabytes and will take some time to sort and set up. Whether you require images for professional purposes or just for compiling a home map of your sheep farm (OziExplorer is just perfect for that), contact us, what you'll find in your searches is just the tip of the iceberg.

MadMappers' Forum
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