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It has rescued a $400 million satellite, received data from scientific packages left on the moon by Apollo astronauts, and even tracked the BIOS capsule with a monkey on board. The 40 ft (12,19 m) parabolic antenna of CSIR Satellite Applications Centre (SAC) has been providing excellent satellite support services for more than 40 years, dating back to August 1964.

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Call for Applications for Postgraduate Diploma Course in Space Space and Technology Applications in Africa

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SALT's First Light: The Southern African Large Telescope released its first images on September 1 2005.

Above: NGC 6447
Below: 47 Tucanae
Pictures: SALT

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Space for Sustainable Development

This new publication by the National Working Group on Space Science and Technology describes the ways in which space is used in our daily lives.

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Minister of Science and Technology Mr Mosibudi Mangena

National space agency will bid for cutting-edge tenders

"South Africa has the skills and facilities to become a leading participant in the global space programme" (Sunday Independent, 1 May 2005)

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