for Garmin GPS receivers

Chief Directorate: Surveys & Mapping, Republic of South Africa

Set of transparent GPS topographic maps to overlay other GPS maps

AfricaTopo is a set of topographic GPS maps uploadable to Garmin GPS receivers. The set is compiled transparent so that it can be used in conjunction with other GPS maps  (e.g. overlaid on road maps on the GPS).

At present only the Republic of South Africa is covered.

The South African set of AfricaTopo GPS maps is compiled from the 1:50 000 topographic map set vector data produced by Chief Directorate : Surveys & Mapping, South Africa, who retain copyright.

The map set includes 20m contour lines, elevation points, trig beacons, rivers, water areas and the coast line as displayed on the 1:50k maps. A map tile is provided per 1:50k map sheet and each tile is named the same as the corresponding 1:50k paper map for easy reference to the paper set.

The names of rivers, dams, bays etc. are included only where available in the source vector data.
Map objects are not searchable on the GPS.

 South Africa Coverage AfricaTopo sample detail
AfricaTopo South Africa map set coverage AfricaTopo sample detail (Table Mountain) using MapSource

Sabie Etrex Legend screenshot

Sabie GPSMap276 screenshot
AfricaTopo overlaid on to T4A Maps
using Garmin Etrex Legend (monochrome)
AfricaTopo overlaid on to T4A Maps
using Garmin GPSMap 276C

More screenshots

AfricaTopo does NOT include software to view or upload maps to a GPS reciever. You need to supply this yourself. If you own a Garmin MapSource map set, you can use AfricaTopo with your existing MapSource installation. Alternatively you can use Sendmap and/or IMG2GPS to upload the maps to your GPS receiver.

AfricaTopo is best used overlaid on another mapset (or the GPS reciever base map) since it only includes geographic features and trig beacons. No place names or roads are included in the AfricaTopo map set.

Four sample areas with 6 map tiles each are available for free download (see below). To get the full South Africa set you need to order the AfricaTopo: South Africa CD.

If you have questions, refer to the FAQ page.

AfricaTopo GPS maps: South Africa CD

Republic of South Africa complete
Total: 1912 map tiles

Garmin .img
compatible with
Garmin MapSource and

download a free demo to try before you buy
Western Cape demo (1.5 MB)
Eastern Cape demo (2.1 MB)
Drakensberg demo (1.5 MB)
Blyde River demo (1.9 MB)

R 300,00 / US$ 50,00
plus postage

As a bonus the latest version (ver.1,32) of NASA World Wind free 3D interactive map of the Globe (with plug-in for your GPS) is included on the CD

Order AfricaTopo


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